Mountlake Terrace Townhouses

Completed in July of 2013 these townhomes are located centrally in downtown Mountlake Terrace. This new development contains seven attached residential townhouses and a 765 square foot commercial space on a 11,470 square foot lot.

Entry to the townhomes are directly off 234th street sidewalk as is the entry to the commercial space. The commercial space is visible from the street with storefront glass and entry doors. The townhouses have been designed to incorporate pedestrian activity areas through the use of landscape planters, pedestrian lighting, and colored concrete walks. The facades facing the public street are articulated with a brick base at the ground floor, window, bays, varied roof forms and a variety of exterior cladding to emphasize the building form. The interior of the residences are spacious and contemporary. Access to the garages and accessible stall are located on the backside of the buildings on an interior lot line. Entries are covered to protect pedestrians from the weather, ideal for living in the Pacific Northwest.

The three-story homes target young families who are looking to move out of apartments and into single family homes in more traditional neighborhoods.